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Fri Jan 4

Can Photoshop Textures make a Pinup Model out of you?

Many people criticize the use of photoshop textures and other photographic editing tools by major magazine publications and blame them for creating unrealistic images, which are simply unattainable by any normal individual. But I say, why criticize? … If supermodels and actors/actresses need a littlephotoshop touch-up before their faces hitting the new stands, than why cant the rest of us!?

According to a recent article on, a small company named Atomic Cheesecake Studios is doing just that. In in a small basement, Stacey Barich, as self proclaimed pinup nouveau photographer, creates a photo shoot straight out of the Betty Page era. Barich dresses women up in girdles, cinchers, bustiers, and corsets, along with the appropriate hair style, to create a realistic scene reminiscent of the grand age of the pinup. Although the hairstyles and makeup are authentic, Barich employes a new trick to her pinup creations that wasn’t available in the previous generation - photoshop textures. Where photo editing used to be simply scrapping the photo’s negative, photoshop editing software has taken the game to an whole new level allowing everyone and anyone to attain those superhuman features, or just simply, look like they dropped a few lbs.

Excerpt from the Article:
Our Corsets, Our Selves : A Journey Through The Local Pinup Revival Scene

"I know what a woman would want retouched," she says, talking about the inescapable rolls and dimples of female flesh. Her one inviolate rule is that the client never sees the original photo, just the retouched final picture. "I want them to look at the picture and feel like a million bucks."

So, for those of you out there that criticize the blatant use of photoshop textures and other forms of photographic editing in advertisements, magazine articles, etc, I say stop complaining! If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

I recommend checking out the full article at …

Wed Jan 2

Photoshop Textures - Easy Tutorial for Dry Wall and Cardboard Textures

Just wanted to show you guys a fast and dirty technique for building Dry Wall and Cardboard Photoshop Textures.  I found the easy 7 step process on the Free Photoshop Training blog.

The blog post was a few months ago, but this is still a great easy technique, especially if you are just getting started in photoshop!

Check out the site below for the photoshop textures technique…

Wed Dec 26

Photoshop Textures - Be wary of of your RGB Saturation

For those of you that frequently use RGB saturation as a technique to boost color in your photoshop textures, check out a recent blog by Brian Auer, on Epic Edits Weblog, where he explains the use of LAB saturation, as opposed to RGB. Although RGB saturation is easier (my technique of choice … apparently I’m lazy), there are definite drawbacks, including diminishing tone details and texture!

Here is how Brian made his case for LAB:

"Saturation is one of those things that we tend to either ignore or overdo. In some color images, it’s the actual colors that account for the interesting-factor — and in those cases, saturation processing is very important. I have the sneaking suspicion that most of us (yes, I’m at fault too) will use an RGB saturation adjustment layer (or an ACR adjustment) to boost the color saturation. This is probably OK for very small adjustments on the order of less than 5 or 10%. Once you go beyond that, you’ll start clipping the color highlights and end up losing tone details and textures. But have no fear, there is a better way! The LAB (Lightness, A, B) color mode is quite useful for making higher quality adjustments to the saturation. I’m guessing that most will avoid LAB editing because it seems less intuitive, or because there’s no immediate need to use it. In reality, it’s no more difficult to use than the RGB color mode."

The blog also gives great step by step instructions for using LAB on your photoshop textures! I haven’t given it a shot yet. Anyone who gives it a try, I would love to hear some feedback!

The link is located below …

Mon Dec 24

Photoshop Textures - Quick and Easy Guide to Metallic Textures

This a great quick technique for making Metallic Photoshop Textures. Its a relatively short but sweet post describing a very easy 7 step process. Its fairly beginner level stuff, and you pros out there may not find it very interesting. None the less, its a great little trick for those of you just getting your feet wet in photoshop, and again, its only takes 7 steps!

Check out the link for Realin’s Bog below for the Metallic photoshop textures technique.

Sat Dec 22

Enhance your Photoshop Textures - Free Photoshop Plugins

I ran across this yesterday while looking for photoshop textures. It looks like Filter Forge (the Photoshop plugin allowing its users to create their own filters in a visual editor) is releasing a series of free plugins, with their first plugin now available. They will release seven plugins in total called Filter Forge Freepacks over the course of the coming year and each of the seven plugins will be centered around a different theme. The current free plugin focuses on metals.

Here are the excerpts from the Ad-hoc News story.

"Each freepack will be capable of generating seamlessly-tiled textures with professional-grade anti-aliasing, and will take full advantage of modern dual-core processors. The theme of the first Filter Forge freepack is metals — the plugin comprises seven filters that produce realistic metal textures and effects. Alien Metal produces a sci-fi texture of an alien-looking metallic surface; Brushed Metal generates a texture of brushed aluminum; Foil produces a texture of crumpled aluminum foil; Diamond Plate creates a texture of an industrial diamond plate floor; Metal Panels generates a metal plating texture; Metalizer produces a smooth metallic surface based on the brightness of the source image; and Rust renders patches of corrosion over the darker areas of the source image. All textures generated by the plugin are seamlessly tiled and can be immediately used as a web background or a game texture."

I have yet to use the Filter Forge software for any of my photoshop textures. But for those of you who have their original software, these plugins sound like a nice bonus. I’m curious to hear more as the rest of the series is released next year.

These free plugins can be downloaded off the companies web site as they become available.

Here is the original Ad-Hoc News Article if you want to check it out.


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